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Why Use Natural Soap ? Your skin will notice the difference !!
There is a vast difference between natural handcrafted soaps and commercially made soaps found on supermarket shelves.

Commercial soap that is mass produced usually contains synthetic ingredients such as industrial foaming agents and fragrances. In addition to this, the naturally occurring glycerine is separated from the soap soon after the saponification process takes place. This is then sold or used in other cosmetic products.

Our cold process method, small-batch soaps, are made with natural oils of coconut, olive, castor and avocado rather than cheap filler or commercial oils or even unsustainable palm oil. These are less likely to cause allergic reactions or irritate sensitive skin. Further, this traditional method, retains the naturally occurring glycerine in the final bar and so are naturally more moisturising.

Our soaps have subtle and refreshing scents as they contain natural essential oils rather than synthetic fragrances. These essential oils also have various therapeutic properties whether for the mood or skin or both.

When you use natural soap, your skin WILL notice the difference !