Not sure if you should make the switch to a shampoo bar ? think again ! They are the perfect cleanser for your hair unlike liquid shampoos that usually contain synthetic substances like parabens, silicones and industrial detergents such as sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS)  which can be harmful to you and your planet.

Because the price of shampoo bars can be higher than liquid shampoos, solid shampoos bars appear more expensive. However, one shampoo bar can last over 3 months and provide up to 80 shampoos. What's more? They travel and store well. And a solid bar means NO wasteful plastic! So make the switch today!

Our shampoo bars are handcrafted with the rich oils of olive, coconut and castor. Coconut provides lather and nourishment. Olive and castor oils replenish your hair.

Care for your hair and the environment today !